Heritage - Bay City Central Swim Results

Created on: Thu, Sep 15th 2011, 18:28


Heritage 126 - Bay City Central 53

200 yd. medley relay:

Megan Wagner, Rachel Hoffman, Breanna Berka, Alicia Fehrman (Her), 2:09.55

200 yd. freestyle:

Riley Hilbrandt (Her), 1:58.49

200 yd. IM:

Taylor Musselma (Her), 2:35.55

50 yd. freestyle:

Madi Collins   (Her), 26.41

1m Diving:

Katy Murphy (BCC) 209.90

100 yd. butterfly:

Lindsey Martin  (BCC), 1:03.97

100 yd. freestyle:

Madi Collins (Her), 59.31

500 yd. freestyle:

Riley Hilbrandt (Her), 5:16.81

200 yd. freestyle relay:

Madeline Martin, Ali Miller, Betsy Moulchrop, Lindsey Martin (BCC), 1:59.63

100 yd. backstroke:

Kaye Reimers (Her), 1:09.96

100 yd. breaststroke:

Claire Woodrow (Her), 1:15.13

400 yd. freestyle relay:

Megan Wagner, Michelle Smock, Morgan Travis, Dani Largent (Her), 4:21.70


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