Girls Basketball Saginaw Valley League All-Conference teams

Created on: Tue, Mar 13th 2012, 06:20

Girls Basketball Saginaw Valley League All-Conference teams


Coach of the Year

Elaine Mahabir, Midland


First Team

Shanesha Blair, Arthur Hill

Shauqunna Collins, Arthur Hill

Jennifer Jarema, Midland

Maura McAfee, Midland

Jessica Walter, Midland

Katie Cummings, Mount Pleasant

Champagne Arthur, Saginaw

Andranay Beverly, Saginaw

Allie Miller, Heritage

Josie Queary, Dow


Second Team

Chavon Tiggs, Southwestern

Brianna Mayes, Northern

Lariah Stevens, Southwestern

Kelly Wilson, Dow

Kaylyn Funnell, Mount Pleasant

Leah Humes, Bay City Central

Brittany Wilson, Arthur Hill

Mikayla Russell, Midland

Brittney Yates, Western

Jayde Abenth, Heritage


Local Honorable Mention

Stephanie Pajot, Western

Megan Premo, Western

Bridget Karsten, Dow

Kristine Mussell, Dow

Kaley Wetekamp, Dow

Lily Hami, Midland

Tiarra Carter, Midland

Most Valuable Player

Maura McAfee, Midland



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